About Us

Learn to fly at a flight school that is dedicated to flight training, with the largest fleet of late model training aircraft in Van Nuys and the most experienced staff of flight instructors..

We are the oldest airplane flight school in Van Nuys under the same management since 1996:

A pilot training school with dedicated and highly experienced flight instructors teaching flight lessons, simulator and classroom ground classes for over two decades.

What sets us apart:

We care about your progress and achieving your goal. We are dedicated and serious about flight training and sharing our passion with you.

Our safety record. We have a flawless record over decades and tens of thousands of hours.
Safety is number one on our list and it should be on yours.

We train in modern late-model aircraft yet still charge a price that is very competitive.
We are proud of our aircraft, come see for yourself.



Our flight training curriculum includes the newest and most modern computer based training aids.
Online ground school and multimedia learning materials are used to help your progress.

Flight training is what we do.

Our initial flight training pass rate on FAA Pilot tests has been consistently very high, and we pride ourselves with turning out very competent and skilled pilots.
Call us at (818) 731 7064 for an appointment or send us a message.



Flight Training Van Nuys