California Flight School Van Nuys

Please note that we recently moved our offices to 16700 Roscoe Blvd in Van Nuys.

Since our office is located behind a security gate, please call for an appointment (818) 731 7064 or you can send us a brief email message.

Van Nuys airport is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, the northern part of Los Angels County.
We are away from the often present low clouds and marine layers of the coastal airports, thus have year round excellent flying weather.

Current aviation weather information for Van Nuys airport

Van Nuys offers an ideal platform for learning airspace and sequencing in with traffic of all sizes. Training here will give you the confidence to fly anywhere in the country, no matter how complicated the airspace or the local conditions may be.

Please make an appointment with us:

Call (818) 731 7064 to schedule.