New Instrument Rating Course Program Off-Peak Hours

For those of you looking to upgrade you pilot certificate with an Instrument Rating we have a new course offering with reduced rates.
Significant savings can be had by training during off-peak hours in the evening/nights midweek and weekends.

Here is a summary of the benefits:
– training during off-peak hours allows us to give you a training discount
– evening / night hours are rather perfect in terms of less ground and air traffic. Fewer delays results in getting more work done during your lesson.
– air traffic control is more inclined to grant requests for practice approaches during off-peak hours, saving significant flight time.
– simulated instrument conditions “under the hood” are even more realistic at night.
– traffic to and from the airport on our freeways should generally be lighter in the evening.

Let us know if you would like to get started on your instrument rating and if you would like to take advantage of our off-peak rates.