On a Budget? We can help.

Flight training is not cheap. There, we said it. It’s probably just as well that you train with an organization that has insights from over 23 years of experience on how to make your training more efficient.

Of course we do offer some of the lowest aircraft rental costs in Southern California but that alone just won’t do it.

We can help you arrange your training schedule and your budget in such a way that it’s very efficient while still getting a high quality education.

This does require quite a bit of book work and study effort but it can be done. Ask us, we can help.

Some main point:
– Study for and pass your FAA knowledge test early on in the training program. If you are on lesson 15 and still don’t have this test completed you are wasting money!

– Work with your flight instructor on how to setup home simulator (PC simulator) sessions for yourself that help you get more proficient without spending a lot of money.

– Study with free online resources such as AOPA and others that offer quality online content. Stay away from YouTube unless the content comes from a known reputable source! Most of the aviation content on YouTube is HIGHLY questionable!

– Use Garmin Pilot training software which is free and work through navigation exercises assigned by your instructor.

– Prepare adequately for each flight lesson, including simulator and book work.