Your First Flight Lesson

Getting started is easy.
Your first flying lesson will typically be a two hour appointment with a FAA certified flight instructor. The actual flight portion of the lesson is nearly one hour. We do you have other introductory packages available from 3o minutes to two hours of flight time.

After briefing you on our flight training program, the instructor will perform a walk around inspection (preflight inspection) of the aircraft together with you.
Young Pilots
For the flight portion, you will take the pilot seat on the left. Other than for takeoff and landing, where the instructor will be assisting you, we want you to be handling the controls at all times during this flight.

You will perform some basic maneuvering under the safe guidance of your flight instructor.

Arrange your first flight lesson (also available as a gift certificate!) online here or by calling (818) 731-7064.

Flight School Training CockpitOur aircraft are modern and offer advanced technology features such as glass cockpits and traffic information, touch screen displays and advanced automation.
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