Private Pilot Certificate

We provide flight training for the FAA Private Pilot certificate in Van Nuys, CA.
After you complete your training you can choose to rent an aircraft from our fleet of late model aircraft. When you rent aircraft you are only charged for the actual aircraft time you use.

Your pilot certificate will never expire, although there are some basic currency requirements. The FAA requires a minimum of forty flight hours during your initial training, although more realistically more training is needed unless you have some prior experience.

Flight training cost for the FAA Private Pilot Certificate:
Although the FAA legally required minimums would put your completion budget from about $7000 to $9000, real world requirements and completion times are higher (most flight schools try to hide this fact).

Estimating completion times and budgets that are impossible to reach does not help, I am sure you will agree.

The cost for the private pilot certificate is affected by a lot of factors.
– the airplane you choose (from $123/hr to $149/hr for our newer Cessna aircraft to $154/hr for our high tech glass cockpit aircraft)
– how many instruction hours you require.
– how well you study and how talented you are (and therefore how many instruction hours you require)
– the time frame you complete the training in (90 to 120 days being more effective and thus more efficient financially)

Please keep in mind your progress and completion time (and therefore your training cost) much depends on your talent, enthusiasm and your study habits.

If you are interested in a more structured training plan we offer a preset Private Pilot package. This training program is less flexible but it does offer efficiency for the determined, talented and enthusiastic student.

Flight School Training Airplanes

Medical Exam:
just a basic medical exam (approx. $75) “Class 3” is needed.
For a list of approved aviation medical examiners (AME) please visit
Basic information on a pilot medical is available here:

Knowledge Test:
The FAA computer multiple choice test has to be completed, the testing fee currently is $150, paid directly to the test center.
There are many different ways to study for this including online training. You need to complete this test at the very latest before your actual flight test.
Completing the test earlier will make your training more efficient.

Final Flight Test:
Never too early to find out that the actual final FAA flight test fee is currently $700.
Paid directly to your friendly FAA examiner.

Books and equipment:
Our book package is $200 including online ground school and online test prep software. Misc. equipment, manuals and charts about another $150.

TSA authorization:
In case you are not a US citizen, the US government agency TSA requires additional processing. Please let us know if this applies and we can help you with this. The government application fee is $130 currently, finger printing approx. another $100.
Please note that we are not authorized to train non-resident foreign citizens. The TSA will require for you to provide a current work/resident visa, permanent resident card (green card) or similar documentation to support continued legal presence in the United States.

Starting flight training:
You can start your training with us anytime. Flight training is paid as you go, there is no need for advance payments unless you take part in one of our preset packages.

Training times:
Any time during daylight hours, any day, weekends, holidays.
We are very flexible and you can arrange a schedule to suit your requirements.
If you consider accelerating your training schedule to several times per week or even every day, you need to accelerate your study effort accordingly.

Reading about flying and flight training (free downloads):
The FAA handbook of aeronautical knowledge (for your written test study):

The FAA Airplane flying handbook:
Sign Up For Flight SchoolTo start, schedule a first flight lesson/introductory flight with us:
You can do this online or call our office at (818) 731 7064 to arrange this please.

If you would like to send us a message regarding flight training you can contact us by email as well.




What can you do with a Private Pilot Certificate?

The Private Pilot Certificate permits holders to fly a wide variety of aircraft and to take trips with friends and family.
On weekends or just about any day you feel up to it and the weather allows, take your aircraft on a quick trip that would be extremely uncomfortable or even impossible in a car in that same time frame.

Typical destinations are Las Vegas (actually also a popular day trip), the Grand Canyon, Catalina Island etc. A pretty easy task for you and your aircraft! You only get charged for the actual engine time on the rented airplane, not the time frame that you are away on your trip.

Most of our graduates get together and share flight time which makes taking trips more economical: fly further, take more trips, enjoy more.

How much does flying cost (once you have completed your certificate that is):

  • For example, three buddies sharing a day-trip to Catalina Island might each pay $65 for their share.
  • A dinner flight to Santa Barbara with a little bit of sunset fun at the beach may cost each of the three amigos $79.
  • A day trip to Las Vegas? The same three people will be reaching into their pockets for roughly $180 each.Flight School Aircraft