Private Pilot Flight Lessons

What do you need to start PRIVATE PILOT flight lessons?

You can start to learn to fly with us anytime!

We can arrange a flight training lesson schedule that fits your requirements.

For some flight students our accelerated Private Pilot course is ideal, for others much more time and flexibility is needed.

We offer our Private Pilot course on weekdays, evenings, weekends or anything in between.

There are no prerequisites, simply arrange for your first flesson and onward and upward we go.

What kind of tests do I need to take to learn to fly?

Becoming a pilot is not that hard. There are no tests to get started and learn to fly.

You will undergo a very basic and simple medical exam at some point in your training.

There is a knowledge test (multiple choice with three answer choices) of 60 questions at one stage in your training.

Once you are fully prepared and have completed all FAA requirements we will setup your flight exam with a designated FAA examiner.

Flight training cost for the Private Pilot Certificate:

You do not have to pay everything at once! You can pay your training one lesson at a time.
Although the FAA legally required minimums to learn to fly would put your Private Pilot cost budget from about $7000 to $9000, real world requirements and completion times are higher (most flight schools try to hide this fact).

  • The cost for the Private Pilot certificate is affected by a lot of factors:
    - the airplane you choose to learn to fly in (from $150/hr to $179/hr)
    - how many instruction hours you require.
    - how well you study and how talented you are (and therefore how many instruction hours you require)
    - we use flight simulators extensively to reduce your flight training cost overall.

    The time frame is a factor as well (learning to fly in a shorter time span is more effective and thus more efficient financially)
    Given all that, program cost can vary from $13,000 to $15,000, for some as much a $19,000.
    Please keep in mind your progress and completion time (and therefore your training cost) much depends on your talent, enthusiasm and your study habits.

    Your first flight lesson (also as gift certificate) - BUY IT IN OUR SHOP

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  • To start, schedule a one hour introductory flight with us:

    Call our office at (818) 769 1503 to arrange your first flight with us please.

  • Your first flight lesson (also as gift certificate) - BUY IT IN OUR SHOP