Commercial Pilot Course

Commercial Pilot Certificate Prerequisites:

How do I get a commercial pilot certificate?

Get a Private Pilot Certificate
Get an Instrument Rating.
240 Hours Total Flight Time (to reach 250 during the program)
100 Hours PIC (pilot in command) Flight Time, which includes at least:
(50 hours in airplanes, 50 hours in cross-country flight of which 10 hours must be in airplanes)
50 hours of the total requirement can be accomplished in our AATD flight simulator (FAR 61.129) at significant savings
Get a 3rd Class FAA Medical or better.

Van Nuys Flight School Commercial Pilot Training

Commercial Pilot Flight Training Van Nuys:

We train according to FAR part 61. Customized PC simulators, AATD / BATD and procedure trainers are extensively used to make your training more efficient and cost effective.

In your "grandfater's flight training" you just got into the airplane and the instructor showed you the maneuvers.

This era is long gone! You first learn the maneuvers in our three-55"-screen simulator before attempting them in the airplane.

  • The cost for the commercial pilot certificate is affected by a lot of factors.

    - the airplane you choose

    - how many instruction hours you require.

    - how well you study and how talented you are (and therefore how many instruction hours you require).

    - the time frame you complete the training in is a factor.

    Van Nuys Flight School Pilot Training
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate approximate total cost:

    10 hours of aircraft rental
    5 hours procedure trainer
    15 hours of flight instructor time
    Note: Estimates do not include ground instruction. Add approximately $1,500 for books, exam costs and misc.
    Check our flight training cost page for current estimates.
  • Van Nuys Flight School Commercial Pilot Training

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