Flight Simulation, Training Efficiency

Flight Simulator

Flight simulators benefit our students in many ways.
First, they offer a very low cost alternative to the traditional learning experience.
Many procedures and detail operations can be reproduced in the simulator and help make the flight hours in the real aircraft much more efficient, since you already what to look for and expect.
For private pilots we offer visual displays with triple 55″ HD monitors. Instrument students can choose a FAA approved BATD.

Second, bad weather will no longer affect your flight schedule. You will have a reliable lesson schedule and keep advancing and make progress.

During your navigation training we can even fly the assignments in real time and verify visual checkpoints and the validity of your flight plan.

Emergency training in the simulator allows us to perform actions that would be too risky in the real aircraft.

We also offer Virtual Reality cockpit orientation and flight simulation with the Oculus Rift S for students that are interested in taking simulation another step further.