Your First Flight Lesson

Your first flight lesson is typically a two hour appointment that includes a one hour flight.

There are longer first lessons available and even flight lesson blocks to get you started but the most common place to start is the one hour lesson.

We do not usually recommend taking along a passenger on a first flight lesson but it can be arranged if you like.

Your combined weight (your weight and your passenger) cannot exceed 350lbs. We will need the first/last name and email address of the passenger to email the required paperwork.

During your first flight lesson you are at the controls and will learn first hand what piloting an aircraft is all about.

Your experienced flight instructor will share his preflight preparations with you and demonstrate a walk around inspection of the aircraft.

Then it's time to take your place in the captain's seat performing checklists to start up and taxi the aircraft.

After the necessary pre-departure checks you will assist the instructor with the takeoff and you can expect to pretty much do all the controlling of the flight. Your instructor will again assist you with the landing.

We also offer a more in depth package which includes a two hour discovery flight block.

You can prepare (optional) for the first flight lesson by reading the first three chapters of the FAA Handbook of Flying.

This can be downloaded for free from the FAA website.

  • You can download just the three chapters or the entire book here.

  • Visit our flight school and learn more about our flight training options in Van Nuys, make an appointment today, Contact us at (818) 731 7064 for reservations.

    First Flight Lesson/Introductory Flights $199 - $398

  • Your first flight lesson (also as gift certificate) $199 - BUY IT IN OUR SHOP

  • A two hour flight lesson (also as gift certificate) $398 - BUY IT IN OUR SHOP


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    Contact us at (818) 731 7064 for reservations.