Flight Training

Our flight training courses:

  • Introductory Flight Training Course

    There are several choices when it comes to the beginner introductory course. Although the most popular way to start is our one hour first flight lesson, we also offer a two hour and several hourly package arrangements that will get you started into flight training.

    You can find our introductory courses here.

  • Private Pilot Flight Training Course

    This course of training prepares you to take the FAA Private Pilot practical exam for the Private Pilot certificate. There are many choices including different schedules (full time or part time) and different aircraft.

Van Nuys Flight School Introductory Flight

Advanced flight training courses:

  • Instrument Rating Course

    This flight training course is based on you achieving the Private Pilot certificate first and will be added on as a rating.

    You will typically spend a fair amount of time in one of our FAA approved BATD simulators and our modern IFR equipped aircraft.

  • Accelerated Commercial Pilot Course

    This course of flight training prepares you to take the FAA Commerical Pilot practical exam. This course can be joined from the very beginning including Private Pilot and the Instrument Rating and culminating in the Commercial Pilot Certificate. We also offer the Commercial Pilot Certificate as a stand-alone flight training course.

Van Nuys Flight School Introductory Flight

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