The best value in flight training in Los Angeles - Van Nuys

Our flight school has been training pilots for over a quarter century in Los Angeles / Van Nuys, CA. We offer Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot and Accelerated Flight training. You can get started with our introductory flight lesson and continue to get your pilot certificates at your own pace.

We are a professional flight school, in business for over 27 years. We have modern lesson facilities and ramp space right at the airport.

Visit our flight school and learn more about our flight training options in Van Nuys, make an appointment today, contact us at (818) 769 1503 for reservations. To schedule a first flight lesson for yourself or a gift we have a great pilot shop with all the options.

How hard is it to become a pilot?

It not very hard to become pilot but you do have to put together the correct approach and dedicate yourself to your goal.

If you choose flight academy training you typically train everyday in accelerated training, sometimes several sessions and making progress that way is quick and not that hard.

If you are holding down a job and taking flight training part time you will need to budget your time between work and becoming a pilot.

You don't want either task to suffer but balancing the two can be difficult.

For part time students, we offer training on weekdays or weekends, evenings or early mornings.

For some flight students with prior experience our 14 day accelerated Private Pilot course is ideal, for others more time is needed.

You can choose to train full time or part time, anything in between, the ultimate flexibility, but of course full time accelerated training is more efficient.

Most flight schools in Los Angeles do not offer the flexibility or the schedule choices we have. Talk to us about your needs.

The best value in flying lessons in Los Angeles.

Flight Schools in Los Angeles

When searching for a flight school in Los Angeles choose the provider with the most experience. We have been in business for over 27 years and graduated countless students, many went on to be instructors and then joined the airlines.

Most flight schools in Los Angeles are not committed to new technologies, simulators and advanced training techniques. We are using advanced training methods and equipment to help you get the most efficient and high quality training possible.

Even though Los Angeles is a very busy place with congested airspace, we train out of Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley which offers a rather ideal mix of air traffic and pleny of open training areas.

Join us!

Read more about why we are the preferred location for flight schools in Los Angeles.

First Flight Lesson - Introductory Flights in Van Nuys

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    • The best flight training program in Los Angeles / Van Nuys

      Experienced flight instructors and great airplanes.

      Reduce your flight training cost by using our flight simulators.

      Train at your own pace, part time or full time.

      We now offer several scheduling options designed to fit your needs and ensure that you are successful in your journey.

    • Private Pilot Certificate Training Made Easy

      Choose our special flight training programs to qualify for the lowest rates and free simulator use!

      There is no need for large advance payments!

      Long gone are the times where you arrived at your flight lesson asking "what are we going to do today?".

      Prepare for each lesson with advanced simulation software and online videos, get ready for the assigned tasks and master them quickly.

      Our cockpit procedure trainer allows you to master cockpit and flight procedures at a fraction of the cost of a flight lesson in the aircraft.

      Save money and gain efficiency!

    • Learn to fly at your own pace, join our flight school today!

      If you have been putting off learning to fly, now would be time.

      Our flight school offers state of the art simulators and modern equipped Cessna aircraft for your flight training.

      Reduce your flight school cost by using our flight simulators and procedure trainers.

      Contact us to get started. We can arrange for you to start flight school own schedule!

    • Van Nuys Flight Training

      5 Reasons to Choose an LA Flight School

      Find out what makes our flight school different from others.

      Our Los Angeles location is ideal for flight training.
      We are located north of the busy and congested Los Angeles airspace. The Van Nuys airport offeres the right mix of air traffic and open training areas nearby.

      We offer a variety of programs.
      Whether you want to learn how to fly as a hobby or pursue a career as a pilot, we offer several options to help you reach your goals. You can take one of our introductory courses, which will give you the basics of flying, or you can choose from one of our more advanced programs.

      We provide a safe environment.
      Our instructors are highly trained professionals who have years of experience teaching students. They are FAA licensed commercial pilots with a top safety record. This means that we are the ideal team qualified to teach you everything you need to know to become a pilot safely.

      We offer flexible scheduling.
      At our flight school, we understand how busy people are. That is why we offer flexible scheduling options so you can fit classes into your schedule. You can choose when you want to take lessons, whether you prefer morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend classes.

      We offer affordable prices.
      Our flight school courses are designed to help you learn to fly as efficiently and quickly as possible. We offer affordable pricing because we believe that learning to fly should not cost a fortune.

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